About Wind lake Management District

What is the  WLMD?

The Wind Lake Management District (WLMD) is a special purpose government whose focus is strictly Wind Lake. Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 33 provided for the creation of lake districts, recognizing that volunteer associations could not meet the needs facing the water resources in the state. A lake district is not a general purpose unit of government like a town or city that deal with a broad range of issues and responsibilities. Chapter 33 dictates the activities which lake districts may undertake. The Statutes say that activities can include development of lake studies and plans, monitoring water quality, aeration, dredging, surveys and water safety patrols.

In Wind Lake, the WLMD conducts aquatic plant management (chemical treatment, harvesting and roadside pickups), water quality monitoring, educational newsletters and goose roundups. Completed activities have included the development and implementation of a Lake Plan, sensitive land acquisition, dredging, an alum treatment to reduce algae blooms and community surveys.

The Wind Lake Management District (WLMD) was created in 1985, following the procedures outlined in Chapter 33. The Annual Meeting, usually held in early September of each year, approves a budget and projects for the year. The Board of Commissioners implement the directives of the annual meeting. The WLMD must comply with many of the same State Statutes that any village, town, or city must follow, including Open Meeting laws and reporting.

The WLMD funds its various projects using Special Charges. In 2017, special charges are:
Lakefront - $220.00
Canal Front: $130.00
Off-lake Properties - $90.00

Special charges are billed once a year in July for the previous June through July. If special charges are posted to the following tax rolls, additional fees will be charged.

The WLMD aggressively seeks state, federal and private grants to conduct the rehabilitation efforts. Since its creation in 1985, WLMD has received more than $2 million in grants.

WLMD 2016 / 2017 Budget
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