Wind Lake Fish

Wind Lake  Fisheries

Wind Lake has a diverse fish population which is very popular with anglers. Yellow perch, walleye, largemouth bass, black crappie, northern pike, bluegill, white and yellow bass, and white sucker are all found in Wind Lake.

According to the DNR Senior Fisheries Biologist for Wind Lake, "Wind Lake was last surveyed in the fall of 2015 as part of the annual walleye surveys on Walleye Initiative 'sentinel lakes.' Having the sentinel designation not only means Wind Lake gets an electrofishing survey each fall, but also makes the lake a higher priority for walleye stocking through the Initiative. (The 2015 survey) walleye catch rate was fairly low, but we did see some survival from the 2014 stocking. Past spring and fall surveys have included a good number of walleye, which is encouraging for the future success of ongoing walleye stocking efforts in Wind Lake. Bass size structure was also very strong in recent surveys, especially compared to other lakes in the area. Wind Lake is scheduled for another round of Walleye Initiative stocking this fall (2016) (4,596 large fingerlings roughly 6 inches long)."

"In terms of structure, I would say Wind Lake is better off than many other lakes in the area. The weed beds are obviously abundant and the amount of woody habitat in the water is also above average."

Prohibited Fish Species Found

Wind Lake property owners and lake users are reminded to never introduce fish, plants or bait into a lake. The impact of such actions can be devastating and has the potential to undo years of work by the District to improve Wind Lake. See the Information Released by the Wisconsin DNR.

DNR conducts regular stocking and surveying of the fish population. The stocking record since 1994 is below.

Year Size and Species Number Stocked
1994 3” Walleye 23,590
7” Northern Pike 1,870
1996 7” Walleye 2,000
9” Northern Pike 1,770
11” Northern Pike 55
1998 2.5” Walleye 82,200
Northern Pike 1,870
2000 Walleye 93,000
Northern Pike 1,800
2002 Walleye 52,170
Northern Pike 1,000
2004 Northern Pike 400
2006 Walleye 32,760
Northern Pike 2,340
2008 10” Northern Pike 2,200
2010 Walleye 32,760
Northern Pike 2,222
2012 Large Northern Pike Fingerlings 1,834
Small Fingerlings Walleye 13,760
2014 Northern Pike Large Fingerlings 2,000
Walleye Large Fingerlings 4,599
2016 Northern Pike Large Fingerlings 2,023
Walleye Large Fingerlings 4,694
2018 Northern Pike Large Fingerlings 2,023
Walleye Large Fingerlings 4,803
2020 Walleye Large Fingerlings 4,596
2022 Walleye Large Fingerlings 4,640